Friday, February 26, 2016

Try Something New

 At coffee last week, my friend served monkey bread, a sweet bun with snips of bread roll in cinnamon and sugar. She told me where I could source the frozen bread roll, so I bought some on my way home and made a garlic parmesan version for dinner. Comfort food in the midst of winter.
 The skies have been alternately singing spring, or drizzling grey. February hasn't been as dreary as some years, but I have armed myself with distractions. The walking, hiking and swimming are probably the best things. I make sure I visit with at least one live person per day (in addition to DH). I'm cleaning house and decluttering and a veritable tornado of change.
 On my long walk, I took a different route and enjoyed all the gardens I used to be familiar with.
 There were classes and craftsy classes. I took some leftover t-shirt and jersey fabric and made strips for crocheting a mat. This idea has been in my head for a long time, but Cal Patch is a great teacher and I just up and did it. Actually, I did it twice because the first mat was even more wonky. It takes a very short time, about a day. But the large motions do stress my hands.
 I'm happy I stepped out and picked up 2 m of navy for a pittance to make a border. This will probably be a gift.
 The first daffodil is out. Unlike the groundhog, she loves her shadow and will soon be joined by friends.
 This is the problem stash. No complete skeins, no labels, some to rustic for hats or cowl. Too much to throw out, but not enough to plan something with. Plus it's all leftover from lovely projects.

Enter some more crochet. The colour block basket was the first idea, a free pattern on Ravelry that I think I found on Pinterest. This girl does not waste any time! The basket and two trivets equal 1 kg of worsted (held 6 together like the Garter Squish Blanket). Right away, I think the basket is too nice for me to keep, so I filled it with yarn and now it's used, so it can't be a gift. Three bins are empty. Plus a large bag is going to a friend for her neighbour to make afghans for charity. So glad I popped into the knitting circle for the first time since the summer.
I haven't been buying knitting magazines, but I read a review of the new Interweave and was intrigued. Bonus, classes on short row shaping in a trivet project. I love trying something new in a bite sized attempt. I'm also trying to use up this kitchen cotton, odds and sods, some from D's Grandma. I really love the dishcloths I made for my kitchen after Xmas. Here is another one in a new shape.

The promise of something new does not always end up with success. But with the right attitude and the right materials, you can give yourself a better chance. Plus I am not such a perfectionist. I delight in the character of something that shows it has been made with love by human hands. I wonder what new thing I will try next?

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Lifesastitch said...

I remember that cinnamon monkey bread from when I was working in the US in the 70's. It was so good. That photo of yours makes me want to try the savoury version except I'm trying not to eat bread.