Friday, March 11, 2016

Country Mouse

 This is a building in my neighbourhood, a traditional long house First Nations building for the Sto:lo Nation. Our property backs on to their Coqualeetza land, but all the land is our area is the traditional lands of the the Sto:lo Nation.
 I enjoyed sharing a day with each of my kids when their class had an interpretive lesson. The long house is where families traditionally lived and had all their ceremonies including masks and dancing.
 The forsythia is an early bloomer around here and its yellow blossoms cheer up the grey raining skies.
 I took a trip to the city for a conference with people who work with youth and families. It was held at a lovely old church which happens to be across the street from where we stay in Vancouver.
 The weather was mostly nice but we were busy most of the time, so I couldn't sneak out to any wool shops. The first day, I found it hard to connect with people the first day, so I bought my lunch and dinner during the lunch break and I just ate in my room. I may have needed the rest, too.
 On Saturday we had small groups so I connected better with some other leaders. I was the only one from my end of the valley, too. There were some great, shocking ideas, and some very practical ones. Now I need to share them with my home churches.
 Back at home, I cast on the Somerset Vs. Norway mittens again because there was a KAL on the Stash and Burn podcast, and it is still chilly enough for mittens sometimes.
 Mom and I had a trip to IKEA and I snuck in a trip to 88 Stitches. We are celebrating Pi Day next week by eating pie and casting on pi shawls! I bought a cart for my "craft room/lab". I am slowly starting the process of taking over the space that is Emily's room. All the precious things need to be carefully boxed up and removed from the room. I have asked for new book shelves. D is very excited to get my books out of many of the rooms in our home, and to have a nice, welcoming sun room with cozy chairs and a round table for breakfast and coffee.
 In preparation, I wanted to finish my Duchess of Devonshire shawl. I didn't want to pick it up and make decisions, but I did, and learned the pattern for the applied lace edging. In the process, I found I don't have enough hand dyed Sweet Fibre Winter yarn. There's no more in the shop, but I dropped a message with the dyer. Perhaps I can pick some up at Fibres West.
Today I went back up the hill to tackle the 240 stairs and come down along the gentle trail. With the home making and craft making, I do enjoy my country life.


Nancy McCarroll said...

You do live in such a beautiful area. Really like the picture of the sanctuary where the light is coming through the window.

Lifesastitch said...

Darn, I could have picked you up at the Seabus and whisked you away for two quick yarn stops. Urban Yarns in the Village is closing temporarily, then moving, and all is on sale.