Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Seasonal Moves

 My daughter has a full time home on the Island where she studies, works and teaches. I was so sad that she wasn't coming home for Easter (right before finals) but it was a sign that maybe it is the season to change her room into my office. There were many boxes of papers and books. More boxes of clothes and shoes. Everything is carefully marked for her future use. But it was hard to move on.
 What helped is that I'm really excited. Soon I will add the wall of book shelves (another trip to Ikea for Mom and me) and then my knitting and writing and study books will be with me. Already I am liking the privacy. D likes the more open sunroom and it will look even better without books and yarn on every surface.
 Today was 22 degrees C! Uncomfortably hot after wool socks and scarves for so long. But we are enjoying a glorious spring.
 This is my back garden from the trail. You can't see the purple rhododendrons, but they are happy to bloom along with the yellow daffodils.
 Determined to enjoy Easter, we had a little feast with friends and some family that worked out very nicely. 

Easter morning was busy with early service outside (I accompanied with guitar), extra choir music, an unscheduled Sunday School lesson and D playing his shofar from Israel.
And hot cross buns!!!!
I think that's just about enough chocolate and coffee and candy.

 The old girl is liking my physio stretches on the carpet. I also lie there to read most afternoons. Sitting is the new smoking.
Mom went up to the ranch for Easter and they had a bit of a snow storm, so I had to show them our snow.

 Easter Monday was a day off after all the cooking (and piping at the curling rink). I did some gardening and finished our placemats. Learning quilt as you go and not being afraid of binding.
 Stash and Burn podcast has a Keep It Small KAL and this month was mittens. These are for me and I really missed the obvious window, but I am so glad I persisted.
Somerset vs Norway pattern in wool from Nova Scotia. It may be 20 degrees, but rabbits are part of the season, right?

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Lifesastitch said...

I find I'm sitting way too much in retirement. I've even gained weight even though I have kept up my walking. I lack the up and down of work - to the fax, photocopier, washroom waaayyyy down the hall. Have to keep moving.