Friday, May 13, 2016

Making Progress.

I am enjoying this early spring that feels like summer. My first morning journalling on the deck gives me such hope and anticipation.

Finally cast off the Bradbury shawl in my very old stash Suri Blue. Good idea to hold it double. Not a good idea to use the almost 400 stitches as a travel project. I still don't like leaving a knit in the middle of a row. I only used 100 of the 200 grams, but my friend said she would swap with me. 

Here it is blocked, with the lace stretched out. This will be a fine shawl for the autumn. Plus I have fabric to sew a dress to coordinate. I would definitely knit this pattern again. Wrapping a rectangular stole can be much simpler than trying to wear a triangle.
This Peace rose has resisted blooming in my garden. I have moved it twice. The last time was over 5 years ago, but it finally decided to be happy, and it makes me happy.

Mothers Day was fine. I was happy to have visits with my kids on the phone and to see Mom at the niece and nephews. It doesn't have to be a big deal, I just don't like to be forgotten. This bracelet has charms that my kids have given me for Mothers' Day over the years. It's good to remember when they were wee and we were a family of four every day.

After the success of monogamy in the maroon shawl, I have decided to get cracking on my featherweight shawl. I had already knit the body and the neck band and picked up the first sleeve. Good thing I checked the instructions because it says knit 9 rows and I was aiming for 9 inches. Ripping back lace weight is down heartening. I have had to muster my bravery for much of this sweater.

What if it doesn't fit? The yarn is precious and the colour is my favourite. Why did I risk it?
But now I have the first sleeve done (put it on a line and tried it on twice before casting off) and I am faithfully replicating the second. Soon I be able to imagine that it can be finished.

Another brave day, I took the second set up stairs up the mountain and trekked across to the trail head for Mount Thom. When people say "You can't miss it, " I know I shall get lost. So I went up to the trail head and then down the path to get my bearings. My knee didn't like it later in the day, but I am so thankful for my mobility.

Plus you are rewarded by a new view. I used to ride my horse up here, but now it is all developed into what we call subdivisions.

A great opportunity this week to see Lawrence Hill speak in our small town. He is a proponent of supporting the Syrian Refugees and we have managed to cooperate with 5 other churches to sponsor 2 families. His book was written before this current crisis, but is very timely. I like the setting of the near future in a fictitious country. My hope is that people can stretch to see themselves in this novel.

He spoke beautifully and compassionately. The excerpts he read were funny. It was great to have the audience of mostly white women laugh at his characters, especially the crazy church ladies.

Big events in our house: the books in the sunroom,

and on the windowsill, are getting a new home.

Yesterday Dan and I went to IKEA. A fun trip on his day off and a practice run for future retirement. Then he put them together. They still need to be anchored into place, but watch this space for my dreams of having all my knitting, writing and teaching books in one place. My own Pinterest Room of Her Own. There are still shelves to be put back in the closet, and closet doors to be put back on, and maybe returning the glass door to the room, but I am smitten. Making progress.

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Lifesastitch said...

Love all the recent flower pictures. That rose reminds me of some I painted in a class recently. All of your flower pictures are inspiration for painting. Lawrence Hill, what an opportunity to hear him speak!