Friday, May 06, 2016

When You go Away

The garden is in full bloom and the whole world smells wonderful.
We took off for a few days to the Tahiti Resort in Las Vegas. D's work has been so very busy and I have been in the midst of too many volunteer projects. We needed to extract ourselves from the crazy.
There were sights and sounds. Loved the Bellagio!

Loved "Love" the Beatles' Cirq du Soleil

And had the best double shot soy americano misto ever. Yes there was crazy in Vegas, but there was also a sand bottomed pool and thatched umbrellas at our resort.
What I really wanted to do was sit by the pool and read. Finished two books. Also worked on the crocheted shawl because I am not afraid to fly with a crochet hook.
D figured out how to relax, but it took him a while and he still got a call to do a surgery when they forgot he was away.

Cam home to a very happy mail day. Love my Midori Travellers Notebook and the inserts from Edmonton, a shop called Myadori, where she hand binds notebooks. I have been frustrated with my calendar set up this year and it too two months to find the right book and have it delivered. You can bet I stocked up on supplies for this.

Emily had her first nights not in her room, but in the "guest room". She was big about it and did a great job looking after the dog. 
Plus she gave me a Mothers' Day present of a felted hat she made. It is perfect. Love it.
Re-entry has been a bit rough with many meetings and lots of paperwork to annoy me. I haven't had much time to catch up with the people I care about, but I have been extremely happy with yoga and all the things I can do.
I dropped my phone when I was cleaning the tub and I have been dealing with the crazy aftermath of that. Thanks to YouTube I have fixed most of it, but I felt so stupid and I love listening to books or podcasts, checking Instagram and taking picture. I forgot to take my phone to Vegas (early flight) and was pleased at how relaxed I was without it on holiday. But at home, it's not the same- I want to text my sister at the ranch and follow my nephews on face book.

This week I hope to complete a few tasks so I can enjoy the good weather.
I just cast off the maroon Bradbury shawl that was supposed to be my Israel knitting. I don't need it right now, but I need to have fewer projects on the needles- WIP down! 
Today was the ninth anniversary of 88 Stitches and I was lucky to get down there to wish them well. Also lucky to grab another skein of the shetland yarn for my shetland pi (it has been worrying me because my math says I needed another skein) and a beautiful cashmere skein from Sue's daughter, Sweet Fiber.
Tonight it was good to sit and knit and watch a bit of Big Bang Theory and the last episode of Mad Men in our comfy chairs with the dog watching the credits.
So the lists have been made and priorized, the schedules intersected. Time to enjoy being home and with my family and friends. When you go away, you realize that it is just yourself and your own expectations that you are running from.

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