Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back Home Again

Travelling makes change. You see new things. You see old things in a new way. You, the traveller are changed.
We flew to Ontario and enjoyed being with friends in their hometowns. We became familiar with our nation's capital and the beautiful parliament buildings. We walked in the old roads of La Vielle Quebec. We drove a lot, but less than last year when we toured the prairies.
Our kids had some good times. We let them sleep in and eat some junk food. They saw Shakespeare in Stratford, the Museum of Civilization and Stomp in Montreal.
It was not a shopping holiday. Nary a wool shop. I worked on my first toe-up socks while we drove and in the plane. I did not feel much like a knitter. I met no other knitters. No Toronto shops at all.
But I read three books and I enjoyed walking and visiting. We were together a lot and putting forth our argument that D. doesn't get to pick everything. Not a real democracy, but the kids are getting older and should have some respect and voice.

So I'm back home. A lovely home with a loving dog. A greater chance of eating healthy food that does me good. A chance to go to sleep early. The three hours time change wasn't so bad, but the strenuous travel did a bit of a case on us anyway.
So I have most of two weeks before my next course starts. The kids are in music camp during the day so I have a wee bit of freedom. I got my poor flute back. More on that later. I'm getting ready to start the log cabin baby blanket.
Hope the summer is rich and deep for everyone as it starts to linger and fade.