Friday, August 04, 2006

The Corn Is As High

I'm packed and ready to fly out. But now I have to take a picture of the sunflower field before I go. And will the blackberries be finished? Isn't this light breeze temperate. I am ambivalent about leaving my beloved Fraser Valley. The corn in this field is edged with amazing sunflowers. Next year I'm growin me some. The food value is similar to our cattle corn silage, but the aesthetics surpass.
I wrote my final last night. Whew. That was scary saving it and emailing it to my instructor. It's the first test I didn't finish. Really. The first test ever. But I wrote the essay, did the research and all but two short answers. Citing websites. No confidence. Ran out of time. Then this morning I found I hadn't submitted a final Learning Assignment. Not good for the blood pressure. But I managed to pop it off before driving to Tswassen to pick up my son from the ferry. I can't abide holiday traffic!
With great nagging and threatening, I got the kids to pack and pack lightly. It was easier when I just did everything myself. D. still hasn't packed. No I didn't prepare your underwear. You are an adult. I am not your mother, and I am not YOUR mother. There may have been a time when I lumped him into the kids. But no longer. If they have to meet minimum standards of survival, he can suck it up, too. Did I mention I was writing a 3hour final?
So now we head off to Eastern Canada. I was born in Ontario, though I have no real memories before my 3 year old train trip to BC. My first ancestor came over from Ireland to fight on the Plains of Abraham. I think I'll get choked there.
This year we will be visiting friends, and I'll make D. let the kids sleep in a bit.
Now that my course is done, I have a month to catch up on writing and reading. A poem a day? I don't think I'll be so strict.
I'll still have 2 weeks after we come back. All the school supplies and clothes are bought. I even have my mother-in-law's September birthday gift.
Just relax and fly out over the beautiful valley.