Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm finished the Moderne Baby Blanket. I still need to weave some ends in, but I got a head start when D had his surgery. I look forward to meeting this special November baby. D knit his cousin a blanket when he (the dad to be) was born. Have I already gone over this? Well, said cousin grew up into a neat guy, married his long-time sweetheart and the blankie went to the wedding. He was so attached to it his mother always threatened to make his wedding suit out of it. So "binky" was highlighted at the reception.
This is a guy who needs a great baby blanket. They are a very trendy young couple and I hope they are encouraged this blanket which was inspired by the green of their bridesmaids dresses. Full circle.
We are going to two turkey dinners today. Don't ask. Usually D is working and his parents are away. This is sort of a holiday for me and my sisters. But I haven't finished my paper- well underway and on schedule- on Andrew Carnegie. You can see it sharing the table with the blanket. I still have to study for a mid-term soon. Do I like this course? Not really. There isn't much new info for me on the history of libraries. But I'll try to be a good sport.
I'll be thankful that I have the opportunity to persue higher education and the leisure to choose my own courses. We shall see.