Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Life in Series

I'm just finishing a long haul of classes and assignments and Advent preparations.
I finally finished my socks that rock- no pics yet. I cast them on in August when I broke my lace needle packing for our trip. Toe up doesn't seem to fit that well. I'll start a regular one in a bit.
On the needles: a baby blanket. I have one more nephew expected in January. I set up this pattern from I don't know where. I knit it as a blanket for another cousin's wedding. It's tumbling blocks. I like knitting a quilt and we recently learned that blocks are imperative to a child building language skills. I was only going to knit a sweater because this SIL is hard on me, but I was guilted out by the success of the Moderne Baby Blanket for a mere (but extremely precious) cousin.
There may not be enough light to see that this pattern is a simple series of parts of '10'. Five together, four and two. It is vey peaceful. The rows aren't even that long at 200 stitches. The butterfly cotton is the same I used for my son's sweater in grade one and he loved it. I'll use 5 skeins.
No knitting for Christmas. At least that's what I tell myself. I've started the Annie Modesitt Backyard Leaves scarf from the IK gift special in a stunning pewter. I needed a simple scarf when we went to Winton Marsalis before it got cold. I'll have it for next time.
The weather has been atrocious. Cold and wet and stormy. The pineapple express without the sand and sunsets. Our basement almost flooded. My daughter was excited that the salmon had returned to our river. Her grade 4 class released the little guys four years