Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wash Away the Schedule

I guess there will no longer be a normal day.
I may have finished Christmas shopping, but I've already turned down two evenings out and invited over 20 people to my house -twice!

I try to get the shopping done before the season so I don't hate people. I can sit at home and make shortbread and practice flute and choir pieces. Oh, and sherpa my kids around.

It even snowed last night which is very strange.

Today D and I are travelling (90min) to Vancouver to visit with friends from UBC. Our annual shopping. They have a toddler now, so it's a little different. And they didn't leave their evening open. But we'll go to dinner as a couple. Two things- I've hardly seen him for a week and the kids will be home alone. For the first time. Why are we doing this? It's hard enough to give up my Sunday School class. But my kiddies? 15 and 13 is legal. I'll probably wake my son before we go to reinforce expectations and let him know my phone is on.

The salmon in our back yard have pretty well travelled through, but they didn't have it easy either.