Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Jealousy

The spruce trees that stradle our drive way are not jealous of the Christmas tree because they are adorned with snow.
I know it's too early to decorate, but with the teenagers home for a second snow day, I was trying to keep them occupied. We're having a dinner on Friday, and I didn't know how I'd get things done. So I asked for help. I still have to get hold of the Thai restaurant to cook. Oops. We have a tree, outdoor lights and silver decorations on many candles.
Today I have the house back. I plan to get my cards done. If I have things done ahead, I enjoy the season much more. Plus I can focus on the choir and flute.
My course is pretty well finished. My instructor is whinging and making excuses for her poor organization and huge mistakes. I'll wait till I have my marks and then I'll be blunt about my disappointment in her unprofessionalism. Too bad.
Last night was more knitting on the tumbling blocks blanket. I didn't do any of the Backyard Leaves scarf because it takes up too much brain. If I'm done my course, I can start writing in earnest... or I can do another set of rows on the scarf. Hmmm.