Monday, November 27, 2006

What's on your ipod?

MEME (my first)
This is from Stephanie of "And She Knits Too" at

1. Open itunes music library
2. press shuffle
3. press play
4. for each new entry, type the song that's playing
5. press next/fwd for next song

The results are actually kind of spooky. I had to fast forward past my audio books. I don't really want Noam Chomsky to sing at my funeral. I don't know how that affected the results. Try it.

OPENING CREDITS: "Darn that Dream" by Miles Davis, Birth of Cool

WAKING UP: "Like the Way I Do" by Melissa Etheridge, Greatest Hits

1ST DAY OF SCHOOL: "Look at Little Sister" Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live Alive

FALLING IN LOVE: "Cello Suite #6 in D, BWV 1012" JS Bach, Yoy Mah, The Cello Suites

BREAKING UP: "Anatomy of a Murder, Main Title" Duke Ellington

PROM: "Not Dark Yet" Bob Dylan, Best of

LIFE OK: "The Path of Thorns" Sarah McLaughlan, Solace

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: "Pick Up Sticks" Dave Brubeck, Time Out

DRIVING: "No 23 in B Major BWV 892, Prelude" JS Bach, Angela Hewitt, The Well-tempered Calavier

FLASHBACK: "Souls Journey" Amy Stephen, Among the Sanctuaries

GETTING BACK TOGETHER: "Long Journey Home" Elvis Costello from Sountrack

WEDDING: "Never Be the Same" Crowded House, Temple of Low Men

BIRTH OF A CHILD: "Goin' Up" Great Big Sea, Up

FINAL BATTLE: "Jade Visions" Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vanguard

FINAL SONG: "Closer To Fine" Indigo Girls, Indigo Girls

END CREDITS: "Your Hands Are Cold" Jean-Yves Tibaudet, Pride & Prejudice Soundtrack