Monday, November 27, 2006


I can hardly recognize my backyard. It is difficult to realize that something so beautiful can be treacherous and that many accidents occurred in the storm. We were lucky to get home because the Sumas flats between Abbotsford and Chilliwack are the most dangerous of the whole trip.
Schools are closed and I'm happy to hunker down and work on my Backyard Leaves scarf of Lana Grossa Luxor. It's a lovely pewter, but I need quite a large chunk of my brain to get each row knit properly. Anne Modesitt is a genius.
Last night I knit a little toque for our friends we just visited. They put him in the Cowichan sweater I knit him and asked for a hat. I'm very subject to flattery. The sweater did fit beautifully and keep him warm. I was lucky to have some lopi left because I used most of my chunky stash to make toques for the homeless men in East Van this year. I missed the service on Sunday when they displayed some of our work and asked for donations for First United.
I'm trying to deal with my latent anger over my biological father leaving us for alcoholism. We were a family at risk. But we are blessed. No one chooses to become an alcoholic. It is what happens to some. Most of my effort goes to women's shelters. But if you want to change the way you feel about someone, it works to start with actions. So by knitting a hat every month, I had time to knit some blessings into the stitches that the man may feel comforted. We do care. It's just not easy. Next year I thought I'd take a break from the monthly plan eventhough it was successful. I want to get some of those nephew sweaters knit. Brian's wool is under my desk where I can't avoid it. Soon I'll do a new swatch. Top down raglan with a cable down the sleeve in a dark coffee colour.
First the baby. My last nephew will be born in January. The cotton tumbling blocks is coming along. I don't need the pattern anymore! That's a big deal for someone like me who shuns numbers. I thank Lara of Math 4 Knitters for letting me open up to the math.