Saturday, February 09, 2008


I should be studying. I am studying at 10 pm on a Saturday, but I wanted to see what you all posted and I needed to catch up on my own little blog patch.
The second square of the aran afghan flew off the needles. I am enjoying revisiting the sweaters that made this left over stash of aran yarn. Beth Brown Reinsel is the sweetest and best teacher. I see her name offered in workshops on the other side of the continent and I sigh. Some day I may be able to meet her. But this Knittng Ganseys is a workshop. I bought it when our old wool shop owner achieved master knitter status, qualified for carpal tunnel surgery and sold all her books. Now she beads.
I have already begun the third block and set up a scrapbook/notebook to keep track of my progress. Reflection is one of the joys of experience. The third square is EZ's fish trap which is a bit of a challenge on the straight. I'm getting it.
I also knit up all the dark green and have added the lighter green on the pi baby blanket. It looks like a sac. It'll look better off the needles. It's good TV knitting which I shouldn't do too much of.
Tomorrow we go up the hill to discuss the family cruise. I'm looking forward to it and I'm dreading the in-law expectations. Our rule on a holiday is that everyone gets to do what they want. I will want to read and knit and walk. A lot like a regular good day.
D. and I went out to Earl's lastnight while Noodlepie and her friends saw 27 dresses. It was nice to be just a couple away from the hurricane of teens. He was supportive today and let me hide in his office to get some studying done while he recalked the tub. Thanks D.

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