Saturday, February 23, 2008


I wanted to be working on the Philosopher's Wool Windows sweater, but it requires a bit of "beginning time". I had to measure myself, pick a size, decide how to play with the colours and deal with the responsibility of choice.
I saw Stephanie's (Yarn Harlot) Kauni sweater and wanted one. But I already have a beautiful colorwork sweater in the stash. I went to Abbotsford last year on a very rainy day to acquire it after much obsessing. Why don't I want to knit it? Partly, I don't want a huge oversized sweater- this I should be able to partly control. Partly the work of beginning. But I have worked hard on my studies and I'm back on schedule. My stress is down because D. helped me with the printer and computer glitches. And his house guest is gone- don't get me started.
So I started. Cast on the first sleeve.
I don't have to finish it. I can work on one row or sleeve at a time while I get ready for our holiday. I don't have to jump into steeking just yet. I don't even have to carry it around because I restarted the Jaywalkers.

So soft and bluey-blue. I have a better technique for the stitches (the one Grumperina specifies) and I can see the wool because it's not too dark. It's Super Soxx. I like it. Not enough to knit it at all times, but enough to carry it around and knit in public and with friends.
The baby blanket was washed and dried in the machines. That's how I want the Mom to use it, so I thought I'd better check first. It's 40 inches across, but looks a bit small. Today I found another skein of the darker green, so I didn't use 2 skeins. That's OK. Butterscotch Pumpkin Kitty is my daughter's. I bought him in Edinburgh when she was 3 and I missed her very much. We were at a conference and didn't bring the kids. At the end of the almost 3 weeks I was ready to steal a baby. I'm glad they came with us since.

My back yard scares me. The ducks are congregating. They never migrate anymore. I don't feed them. They look like they're waiting for psychological assessment tests or something. I'm not sure they'd pass.


Life's a Stitch said...

My Philosopher's Wool sweater was one of my most satisfying knits. Have fun.

Life's a Stitch said...

That a lot of duck. Are they noisy?

Anonymous said...

Those ducks remind me of my university (which was on a bird reserve). I really wish I'd both crocheted (or knitted) and taken more photographs back then!

Great blog.