Monday, March 03, 2008

Death, Pain and Celebration

Studying is starting to wear me down. I'm in week eight with 3 exams under my belt. I hope to write another next week before holidays and then I'll be half way. D. is pretty supportive and helping get the kids to their activities. The daughter is adapting with age appropriate behavior which mostly includes hysteria. The son is using sarcasm. This week has been modules on pain and death. If I work hard I can move on to blood gases tonight.
I missed some shopping and visiting time this weekend. But made it to my Dad's birthday. Lots of daughters and grandsons.

I sneaked in some sock knitting while attending the Chilliwack Music Festival. The daughter is playing trumpet this week solo and in her Middle School Bands. Her skating schedule has doubled up because of preparation for Carnival. I hate Carnival. Everyone get's all wound up about how precious their daughters are and how many sequins (spelled "sequences") they should get to wear and which Disney princess they can be. I find it very depressing and nothing to do with encouraging strong, intelligent women. This is probably her last Carnival because the club is melting down and I don't think we can invest in it anymore. If it's not about skating and the kids, I don't get the point.
Mr. Boo competed in 4 piano classes in Grade 10 Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music. He won his Post-Romantic class with his Rachmaninov and won the trophy at the (very late) Saturday night play offs. For $2.50 we got 4 hours of music by 34 of the best young pianists in the valley. Put that in your hockey game. Plus it was warm. But there was no drinking. We are proud that he still belongs in that elite and very pleasant group of young people. Next year he will finish and then turn his attention to architecture and graduating from highschool.
I hope to balance the reading and lessons with some waking in the warm spring rain, visiting with my book club and standing back as the skating costumes are thrown together.

Ignore this next picture. These talented children are held back by their mother's lack of technological skills.

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Angie said...

My goodness, you and yours have been so very busy and productive! Best wishes with the gases. :D