Monday, March 31, 2008

Cruising Back to Reality

We're home! Seventeen days on a cruise vacation with the in-laws and no-one was injured, although penalties should have been handed out at times.
This is my breakfast at the Panama Canal. We had a great time. there was much sunshine. There was even knitting and reading. Very little tanning for me, but enough for my fair skin.
Noodle Pie broke the washing machine the night before we left. She was trying to get her packing done. The last day, I stripped the beds and gathered all the towels and threw them into the washer which was wet. No power. No one to come and fix it. What do I do?
I ended up calling an old friend's mother (ex-fiance actually) to make an appointment for when we returned. I didn't trust just anyone with the knowledge of our empty house.
So today I go to our office where there are washers and dryers for the veterinarians' coveralls. D. did some loads last night, thanks. I'll try to wrap my head around the cold and rain and studying.
Re-entry was pretty gentle, but it will seep into our whole week.
Happy to catch up on your blogs! So few knitters on the cruise. One woman was crocheting in purple. two more were making fun-fur scarves (I didn't approach them). The usual response when I pulled out my Mountain Colors Monkey socks was embarrassed looking away as if I were fixing my fly or picking my nose. Not even comments about how well I crocheted. Hmm. Spotted a lovely vest in the Seattle airport, but failed to wave my clapotis for recognition.
Back home, we have a "book club" birthday tomorrow which will entail sharing real knitting!

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Angie said...

Too bad about lack of knitters but it sounds like you had a lovely time.

I'm just heading out on vacation to California and looking forward to it.

Good luck with hitting the books.