Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Highlights of Costa Rica

Day 5 we stopped in Limon, Costa Rica. We didn't go into the city, which was apparently dirty and disappointing. But we took a bus with 40 others on a 3 hr drive to Tirimbolina Rainforest Preserve to see chocolate in its natural habitat.

There was a walk in the rainforest with a suspension bridge. I was mostly OK because it was so beautiful. But it was about 600 m and went over rushing water.
So lush. A word I taught Julio, our naturalist interpreter (both meanings). My sister is an interpreter in our own rainforest.
Poison arrow frog. Julio found it for us. The poison is in the middle. Don't eat it.
We ground cocao beans with an ancient bowl and stone, added sugar and vanilla and hot water for the ancient drink. They would not have sweetened it. It was so strong and good. The long drive was made more enjoyable by knitting monkey socks and our funny and gracious guide. He told us about Costa Rica giving up its military to put money into health and education. They have a 97% literacy rate. Top that. He has a degree in biology and was invited to Vancouver, years ago, to teach children about the rainforest. He bought us bananas at a roadside stand. Not "gringo" bananas, but beautiful little fingerlings.

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Life's a Stitch said...

All in all it looks like a dream come true.