Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Figuring It Out

The answer to my computer problem was simple but beyond my capabilities at the time. Reboot. Make the camera and the laptop get along.
Carly is feeling better and got to go for a walk. It was beautiful when we left, and 15 minutes later, when we were in the field and she was off-leash, we got hailed on. She loves it and even waits for her feet to be rubbed with the beloved towel before carrying on to the (too-white) carpet. This is what we were seranaded with on our walk. Cherry and plum.
And here is a shot of the "X" in my alphabet. I'm actually able to knit in the sunroom in the morning with the news and the breakfasts and the lunch packing going on.
But great plans to usurp this success. D's grandma is in hospital on Vancouver Island after a fall and a probable stroke. She can move all her limbs, but spent a bad few days in confusion and unable to swallow. It looks as if she is now taking fluids. This is huge! If she is going to recover instead of spiralling down into geriatric failure, she must be transferred to a chair at least once a day. This can be more than the Nursing staff can handle on some wards. Plus the ward is quarantined for Norwalk virus. Some daughters have visited. One was told to come. My MIL is not allowed. They're camped in the motor home at Grandma's. They're clearing out all her unused stuff while they wait because they are sure she's not going home. It's sad, but she really does (and did) need another level of care.
So I'm going to the scary box store to find some washable acrylic to make her a lap blanket in bright colours. Grandma is from the Ukraine and loves colour. It will be part of my prayer that she will survive to move to a seniors' care centre.
My flower girl and her baby will understand.

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