Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cabbage Soup

Yes, we're the type of people who take pictures at the table.

D. got a full bowl of icecream from our waiter, Jose.
We like puff pastry and the Baked Alaska parade.

Now I know that the Cabbage Soup Diet is not from the Mayo Clinic. It is not magic. But, you know, I can follow it and I really feel the need to detox. The formal dining room offered so many great choices. I was able to eat food that made me feel good. For breakfast and lunch in the buffet, there was a real attempt to maintain freshness and fibre. But the chocolate chip cookies after lunch became a habit.
To break the habit, I made a huge pot of soup with delectable chicken stock and every vegetable under the sun. I add different ones each day and pretty well follow the veg or fruit or milk ritual. Why does it make me feel like there's something to look forward to? I will have chicken instead of beef which no longer likes me.
Day three and I feel fine, in control and not missing chocolate or margueritas. But my head is stitched to my texts and cardiovascular diseases. Whew. So slow to get the thinking going again.

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