Monday, April 21, 2008

Plus Ca Change

This was my back garden on Friday. Things have been mighty cold in Lotus Land this week.
Carly loves all kinds of weather. I hunkered down to study. Luckily, my friend was available for a good long sit and knit while the kids were at school. I finished the first square of Great Grandma's mitred square afghan and started the second (variegated). We had lunch at Sherry's Carpathian Kitchen- wonderful borscht. It helped me keep my nose to the books for the rest of the weekend.
At noon today, I took the dog for a walk. This is the same place that was attacked with flurries so recently. Now it looks and feels like spring. The temperature is going from 1 to 9 degrees with promises of double digits tomorrow. I transplanted my thriving thyme to open up the raised bed for Noodle Pie, but I didn't plant my basil yet.
My home lies just beyond that grove of poplars. There's a deep river bank and a shallow salmon river. This, too, will enliven me so that I can sit and study. I'm a week behind, but not freaking out as it is my own timeline. Grandma's squares are knit so big that I think I'll just use 4. That opens up time to knit the baby blanket in time for September. I also have a little baby sweater to knit for another friend and a baby shower to plan, I hope.
I also finished "Remains of the Day". So I'm way ahead on book club and am treating myself with a Laurie R King mystery. I just have to finish so many chapters of Med-Surg, or so many hours to earn that treat.

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