Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not a Break

This was another packed weekend. On Friday the kids were out of school. Noodle Pie elected to sleep in, so Mr. Boo and I drove just over an hour to the campus of my on-line course. I needed Pharmachology books, eventhough I don't want to start the course till I've finished more of this Theory.
He did a good job with most of the driving. We back-tracked from Surrey to Langley because we like the stores there. We bought his a great suit at Mex. He needs it for piano recitals, weddings and, unfortunately, an upcoming funeral. I bought a great khaki jacket at Old Navy, on clearance while he tried on jeans. I'm getting more Scottish each year I'm married to one.
Mr. Boo is easy to get along with and we had fun tradin DJ jobs with the itunes in the car.
At home, Noodle Pie needed to get out. We ended up at LYS and she bought beautiful silk and cashmere for a baby kimono. Just a little. I talke to Susan about my plans for a Cozy wrap in Noro Silk Garden Lite as I'd seen on Ravelry. I'll get the name of the clever travelling knitter. Well, the two colorways I had picked out (more research when I took study breaks) she had 5 balls in each! What are the chances? Oh, and look, cash in my pocket book. Guess what? I'll be winding them as soon as I have this mitred blanket off the needles- and blocked and sewn together and edged. I really didn't need another project. Look for blocking pics as soon as the family leave for school and work and I can vacuum the livingroom carpet.
On Saturday I had to host a funeral at our church because the usual ladies were a)visiting grandkids and b) newly afflicted with a tortuous knee injury. The family was lovely and of course I had help. But after wearing "nice" shoes (which gave me confidence and style without high heels) I was wracked with foot and ankle pain. Friday night I didn't sleep because I think I'm allergic to the Greek restaurant. Whew. I went to bed and slept extra long. Today I lay down after lunch and finished a mystery novel - another Laurie King. Then hit the books and sped through most of spinal injuries. I may be able to write another test this week. If I'm persistent.

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