Sunday, April 06, 2008

Squeezing in Some Knitting

Yes, they're odd looking. Monkey is my favourite sock pattern (except I think the heel is a bit high for me). These were extra easy because I made them into pedicure socks. It's easy. From the knitty pattern, I decided to knit a 5 inch foot and then do an inch of ribbing. Even I could figure this out. The first sock was knit on the plane(s) from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale. No I did not get to shop in Seattle. I did that in 1991 when Mr. Boo was 6 months old and D. had a conference. We should go back. We go to the King County Fair Grounds every year for the Highland Games. But that's Enumclaw and too far to divert to real knitting country. These Monkey Toes are for my best friend who doesn't have a birthday until October and doesn't know I'm crazy enough to have a knitting blog, although her sister knows. They are her special green. And she has a lot of pedicures.
Here's some of the lovely Mountain Colors wool (unnumbered colour because it was a special roll end bag. The pitcher is one of my souvenirs from our trip. It says Cartegena and was produced by a women' co-op.
Stash enhancement. This is really a version of more hope than sense. I have received 2 clues from the Mystic Light Shawl. But I really don't know if I'll be able to knit it. The chances increase when I have the wool. It's Heritage superwas sock wool from Cascade in a lovely blue-red. It loves me anyway. I will get to it. The baby blanket may need to be started first. This is Shepherd wool, also superwash that my LYS brought in in several weights. The classic ivory is perfect for the Alphabet Blanket.
Then I cast on a square for the aran afghan. It's called "quail". It's not hard, but I had to rip it three times to get the 12" I want. Also, the book club was watching a movie with subtitles- not conducive to knitting. We read "The Kite Runner" last year and "A Thousand Splendid Suns" this year. We loved them so much. But right after the credits, we all had this sinking feeling that we were watching a really sad movie and maybe had gotten in deeper than we should. It worked out OK.
This basket was my big purchase in Jamaica. The people were lovely. I loved their flag pride. We have just a bit of that. The shopkeeper told me the price and I paused, so she dropped the price. I was surprised, so I paused, and she dropped the price. Apparently I'm a mean bargainer. I think I was just slow in the heat.

Orlando was crazy. I got lost in Sea World. The whole world and their small children were there to crowd me. I found it a bit overwhelming at time. Luckily we didn't have to spend all our time in Disney World. I get a bit suspicious of the mouse and how he wants my children to sell him their souls. I like Stitch.
I spent all day Saturday at the office, using the laundry facilities and studying. It actually worked out well because I brought my soup and tea and had a little office all to myself. Still, I don't know how I can get all the readings done! I've been there before, and survived. But I am still so slow and I want so badly to know all this. I vacilate between not knowing anything and remembering it all. With each chapter, I have a stronger rock to stand on.

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