Monday, April 14, 2008

Valiant Start

My camera is not talking to my laptop. Perhaps it's as tired as I am. Yes, studying, blah, blah.
I started the alphabet block blanket. I'm going to try to be a better Ravelry user because I really appreciate the good insights that others have shared. I was so excited about being halfway through the first row of letters. It's 187 stitches long and starts with eyelets and stuff. I'm just done row 24. Yay! But there are 258 rows before the attached border. That's OK. This chart is actually not too hard to read, I managed to download the errata and the purl rows are straight back.
In other news, someone has been dreadfully ill. All over my kitchen floor. All Saturday night. I was horrified. But my husband is a vet and wasn't too concerned. On Sunday morning we started Carly on metronidazole- antibiotic- and it seems to have helped. The other differential was pancreatitis. Not good. So she gets to go for a little walk today. I pumped up the tires in my bicycle on the lovely warm Saturday. It was my treat for finishing another Respiratory chapter. Good thing I got some fresh air before the long night of nursing pooch. I took some pictures of forsythia, daffodils and cherry and plum blossom. But my camera is being stingy. Hope D. can make sense out of it tonight.
One of my dear friends, from book club and a knitter, is in SanFransisco today. So if anyone bumps into a beautiful petite blonde at one of the great wool shops in SF, just let her know how happy I am for her through the veil of my jelousy. We're planning a road trip/ yarn crawl to Vancouver for next month. Hopefully. Not that I need stash, but I love the sensory overload.
Back to the books.

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