Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Such Achievement

This is the only real knitting I have accomplished since I began my Nursing Refresher course in January. It's March and hold back the applause, I have finished one sock. Actually, I don't want to graft the toe until I find out if I have enough wool for the second. I'm up for more frogging and contrast heel/toe. I've never done it so it may be coming my way.
On the other hand, tomorrow we leave for a cruise. I have started Monkey in Mountain Colours and am loving it. The other Jaywalker will get to come, along with the much-travelled thistle shawl, but I'm loving these. As an added morph, I will stop when the foot measures 5 inches, make 1 inch of ribbing and bind off- so cleverly making pedicure socks for my best friend who doesn't know I have a blog, but her sister does. Hi, Mary Anne. Leave a comment if you read this. I have created Monkey-Toes!!
Or I have started them and hope they amuse me through the incredibly long journey to Seattle (3 hr drive). Overnight in a hotel. Seatac Airport for an 8 am flight to Phoenix, where we'll have lunch, hop a flight to Charlotte NC for dinner and finally to Ft. Lauderdale by about midnight. They changed our flights and there's nothing we can do.
Saturday we rest and catch up on the time change as the other in-laws trickle in. Then Sunday, yes, the great Aruba, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica cruise. There will be knitting to book tapes (Ann Lamott's Grace- Eventually and Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss) as well as real reading, lots of walking on the deck, trying to let my teens have a good time, good meals with the big crowd and, hopefully, some romance with D. if he can relax.
I have studied very little today. As I cast on and set up this sock, I could feel the knitting heeling my tension. Good-bye Skating Carnival, good-bye Music Festival and good-bye Med/Surg text. I will be bringing a sheaf of articles to read, but they are small and light and short.
I'm almost packed. I did the errands today. Carly has to go to the kennel tomorrow, but she likes it. Hard to say good-bye to her patience.
I hope that you find some quiet and joy in this early spring. I will be doing my best to celebrate Easter on the ship. If I have a moment I will read your blogs.

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