Friday, March 07, 2008

Today's Stash Is Brought to You By the Colour Purple

What is it? It is my perfectly imperfect freeform crochet. I know, I said the "C" word. You too shall be hooked by the great web adventure that is NatCroMo

I have seen this on other websites: but didn't know how to link my limited experience and creativity with such genius. Thanks to Kaet, I'm riding with training wheels and a protective hand on my back.
Just because these are leftovers doesn't mean I don't love them. They each were involved in a lovely project, usually a gift. I took back some of the good stuff from Noodle Pie. I figure it's safe to share my stash leftovers. Don't touch anything in the plastic containers! Look how the colours like each other. Note to Li: your leftovers share colourways for a purpose.
And outside, my garden is reflecting the blue/ pink/ purple goodness of my stash. The heather.
The violets (my favourites). I was coerced to rip them out of the gardens, but I let them carry on in the lawn.

Here they are huddling under the hazelnut among the many nut shells that the squirrels leave for us. Seriously, we have a giant (piggy) walnut and this last hazelnut (I ripped out several when we moved in) and we don't get one nut. We do however get the privelege of raking up the empty shells. They don't however seem to be eating my crocus bulbs.


Angie said...

Let's see if blogger likes *this* comment. (it didn't care for yesterday's.)

First, thank you soooo much for sharing the violets and crocus (crocii?). We still have significant snow cover so the flowers are a spiritual lift.

Second, I'm looking forward to reading about your freeform crochet experiences. My DSIL was doing it too and it sounds very interesting.

kaet said...

Such pretty pretty pictures!