Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Celebration, Of Sorts

This past week was so crazy! Noodle Pie had extra skating practice for the Carnival and solo and band competitions at the Festival. Enough to kill a sherpa-mom. Those are the skates I made for the decorations. On the other side of the curtain is my 6 foot high Disney castle, cut out of cardboard and wrapped in foil, but impressive for the tots.
Hard to see her in her blue monster costume with the kids she coaches. It ended up, for all its rediculously poorly organizing, to be positive for the kiddies and that's what matters to me. It was my 5th and last Carnival. These skaters to not function at a level of efficiency that I can adapt to. I don't care much about skating, I don't care if your daughter has more sequins than mine. I'm into community building and supporting and encouraging the kids. You're in my way.
This is the Mulan costume she sewed herself (with a little hand finishing from her sherpa-mom.) The colours were stunning and she really skated well.
Clever to use the reverse of the fabric for the contrast.

Magnolias are coming out. I wrote my fourth of eight exams today and aced it. Such tension when whole days are eaten up in zamboni exhaust and cold. I have a whole extra day to pack and pick at the family to pack their stuff. It would be simpler to do it all myself, but then they'd never learn from their mistakes (only mine) and I would be bitter and alcoholic.
Instead, I'm reading "Bloodletting and Other Cures" by David Lamm- amazing! And I'm acing acid-base balances and blood gases. I celebrated by walking the dog. It was dark and windy at noon and the trees that separate our garden from the field were howling and cheering me on. I'm happy to spend some time in the rain and the mud before we head to the Caribbean. I'll appreciate the contrast. I celebrate this in-between season that would be spring if it weren't so cold and dark.

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