Monday, February 11, 2008

In Defence of Sheep

I have joined the flock and am following the wooly herd.

This is the Mystic Light Knit-a-long. The pattern is by Anna Dalvi. I'd like to tell you it's as beautiful as her Mystic Waters shawl, but I haven't seen it. It's a surprise.
I'm totally obsessed with finding the right yarn- on the web while I should be studying.
I've a question in at Urban Yarns, so it might be easier than I think. I'd love to try something from an independent dyer, but I think I'm really looking for a semi-solid in a wool-cotton.
The first clue comes on March 26 when I'm on the cruise. I'll have to wait till I get back.
Go check it out, it's a nice group of knitters.

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Angie said...

It sounds like fun! Cruising sounds like fun, too. :D Good luck studying.