Saturday, October 30, 2010

Between Shifts

The salmon are spawning in our stream. They are about 18 inches long and very vigorous. Too bad this is the end of their journey. It has been a big year for salmon, but I have been working a lot and missed the spectacle.
We are making preparations for a non-Hallowe'en. With a long driveway and no little kids in our house, we only had 2 trick-or-treaters last year. I am going to work a short shift so that another nurse, with a chance at some kiddie fun, can indulge her family. Em and her boyfriend carved pumpkins last night. We are trying to resist the candy. Doing our usual poor job.

Estelle is trying to make her way to the festivities. With one sleeve fixed and finished, and the other on its way to the elbow, she is not far from rising from the basement theatre room. Still I can't wait to start some Fetching mitts for gifts and the red Bitter Root I hope to wear at Christmas. I got a good start on the red bitter root, but decided I wanted a tighter fabric. Before I get carried away with that, I have 3 pairs of fetching mitts on my list that I can no longer ignore. The first is for a 7 year old who "borrowed" my cashmerino ones. I want them back, so I'm knitting hers in the most important purple. Then two more for before Christmas treats.

The sock came to the passport office yesterday. Trekking XXL in Wendy's toe up with (hopefully) a gusset heel. It's a bit loose, but I'm getting gauge and I don't want to go below 2mm needles right now.
The dark weather and the drive were brightened by good company of our music director and a quick shop at a big mall. We need our passports quickly in case we get bad news and need to cross the border to help a dear friend. The normal wait is only 2 weeks now. We hoped to speed it up by handing everything over in person. Back to the safe deposit box to replace important documents.
The snow has come to Mt. Cheam and her sister Ladypeak. This is a bittersweet picture. When I was growing up, she never lost her snowy cape. At 6500 feet, she is the most important peak around and a sister to Mt. St. Helens and Ranier.

Carly-pie is struggling with a sore shoulder that is only a bit of osteoarthritis, but interrupts her plans of long walks. We are allowed to give her short walks without exacerbating the calcifications. But at 7 years old, we are feeling the long slope to old age.

I have to go to the eye doctor next week because my eyes are following her into dotage. Hopefully I can get a prescription that doesn't hurt my eyes and allows me to read knitting patterns and insulin syringes. But not at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi LoriAngela,
Your knitting is certainly getting on apace. I've not attempted to knit Christmas presents yet as I'm way too slow! Still maybe next year.
Your photos of snow covered mountains are far more exciting than mine - I wonder if we're in for a hard winter.
Hope your passports arrive quickly and that all is well with your friend. Lesley