Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Embrace the Season

It is autumn in the Fraser Valley. The mornings are a bit chilly and the afternoons are warm. Perfect cycling weather, great for walks, but awkward for dressing in the morning, especially if you want to wear your new tweeds.
D went away for a few days to do a herd health in the interior, so we got to mess around with yarn, watch videos and eat turkey leftovers.
He got us a new Wii and it's as fun as everyone says. I did really well in balancing, so I like it. I hope to spend quite a bit of time at it when the weather turns and I don't feel like going outside.

Right now it's hard to stay indoors. I did manage to finish the Citron in the Marks and Kattens Fame. (not available on the company site). I like that it is soft and wool and the colour of denim, but I like not the obvious striping. I'm not a very stripey person. This could have ended up bigger if I had used bigger needles and busted into the second ball, but my friend is petite and probably would prefer something easier to wear. My prayers go with her as I knit this and send it off.

On the needles: Still (!!!!!) the woodland shawl in the dark grey/blue colourway. I knit for a week on our trip, at the expense of the baby blanket deadline, and feel I have gotten no where. I like it better on the addi turbos. I like it better when I'm not in the car and not forced to count every set of stitches. Will I like it more when it is blocked and I can wear it as a warm, soft scarf? Can't see it right now.
I am so excited about casting on my very first test knitting. It's an awesome pattern that my sister and her daughter are going to do as a kit. A scarf. I'm going to use some local alpaca, though theirs is in silk. I can hardly wait for it to be ready to show you.
Estelle is behaving herself in the knitting bag and very politely has been knit to the plain stockinette body. Simple, simple.
Can I resist the scarf, the mittens I started and their matching hat? Or the other two hats. I would feel so set if I got that woodland shawl done! I'll take it to the grad meeting tonight. It can't be more boring to knit than the meeting will be.


17th stitch said...

I think your Citron looks lovely, but I see how, if you're not a fan of striping, it isn't going to appeal.

Life's a Stitch said...

LOVE that yarn, perfect for citron. I had a weak moment and bought TEN skeins of Silk Garden sock on e-bay at 50% off :-) It's been awhile since I splurged that way.