Saturday, October 09, 2010

Changing Views

The Estelle sweater has made it into rotation because my hand was hurting from the small gauge knitting and overdoing it on the baby blanket. This scared me as most of my queue is tiny knitting right now: socks, mittens, shawls. Do I need to change drastically for a while? What about Christmas knitting?
The Citron prayer shawl is coming along and changing colours at its own whim. I'm not sure I adore it, though I respect it. I won't be wearing it as it's a gift I want to finish as soon as possible. This isn't altogether in my control because of said hand pain.

It's thanksgiving here at Chez Metaphor. Emily made a bouquet from our garden before the torrential rains begin. Yesterday I delivered our gourds to the church for the bountiful display. We get to sing Veggie Tales during the service! I like it when we get silly.

I have been sewing this week and I have learned a few things: my eyesight is changing. I do better without my glasses in close up. It's as distressing everyone declares. I have an eye appointment next month. Could it be bifocals? I always say, "You look better when I wear my glasses." but the truth is my ego is not looking forward to this.
I managed a gift for a sister and I still want to make a fourth (I like to do theme gifts). Do I have to change that expectation as well?
I cleaned up the extraordinary sewing mess in the dining room for our dinner tomorrow. I changed expectations there, too. I am serving cold turkey with buns and salads. I cooked it yesterday as I sewed a quilt lining for the grand piano at church: 7 by 8 feet!!! Hopefully it will help keep it in tune.
I still need to make some kings costumes for the pageant and I wish I could make more knitting bags. But with work and my dreadful eyes, I may need to succumb to etsy and buy them. There is no need, just a deep longing for more project bags: bigger than sock, smaller than sweater projects.
Reality is an unkind mistress and my views will have to change.


Neuroknitter said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

electrictree said...

I'll be re-opening my etsy store and including some project bags soon...might be the size you are looking for-although if not I won't be offended!
I'll have tonnes of hand-dyed yarn too!