Thursday, December 23, 2010

Counting Down

Crazy night shift! That's what I get for working a full moon with a lunar eclipse. There were no less than 3 emergencies on the ward at one time. The nurses were looking at each other with incredulous stares. There was no knitting.
My second shift was quieter, but still steady to keep an eye on the peeps (patients) who had had such a rough night before.
I stopped at Mom's on the way to work to say hi to everyone at her Solstice Dinner. They were having a good time.
Yesterday I slept and then knit and listened to Christmas music. Not very ambitious.
But the presents were already finished knitting, blocked and almost all under the tree.

The baking was done.
Today I make French Onion soup, tortiere puff pastry rolls and a croissant crust pizza because my tradition is Christmas Eve lunch.
This year we have invited more friends. It used to be just my family. We are around 30 people now from just the four sisters. But some have moved further away, the nephews are at their moms' and we have made family of some of our good friends. I call them shirt-tail relatives.
I hope that you are surrounded by wooly goodness and the warm greetings of many loved ones this season.

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Angie said...

Your Christmas Eve lunch menu sounds lovely. Have a Merry Christmas, Angie!