Monday, December 13, 2010

Keeping Up Appearances

Saturday I took photos at the Men's Group Santa Breakfast. There were many happy families and the best Santa, the one my kids grew up with.
Then I worked in the kitchen at a dear friend's funeral. It was an honour to have a role and to pull together for a good reason. There were over 250 people there. They ate everything and drank all four bowls of punch. It was not that sad because she was such a giving soul. She drew us together through all her fundraising.
Sunday morning was the Pageant. The kings costumes were a hit and three bass singers wore them down the aisle singing We Three Kings. Dan and Emily joined another family for a 5 piece brass band. The angels and shepherds were as adorable as ever. It is our "White Gift" Sunday when we collect non-perishable items for the Food Bank. One of the little guys put his can in the manger with the baby.

There was little time for knitting. This is the hat for D to wear to the barn. It's "Ribbed For His Pleasure" but please don't let him know. It will forever be known as the condom hat. It's so simple I can knit it anywhere, but not with D around.

The Advent Calendar Scarf is coming along but I'm quite behind. I will keep plodding along with beads instead of nupps. It is quite a gift of gentle lace patterns separated by a garter lace band. I like the idea of a sampler. Perhaps this will even be nice enough to give our new bride this summer (another nephew marrying!).
The bunny slippers are almost done. Emily was out of the house yesterday so I got down to business and ears and tails. Just finishing ends and carefully embroidering the eyes and noses now.
Wrapping is well underway. I have to clean Scott's room of all the Christmas debris before I pick him up on Friday. We even started watching some of our Christmas videos. I love the Muppet Christmas Carol.
Everything is under control- to the untrained eye.

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