Friday, December 10, 2010

In the Bleak Midwinter

The days are short and I must priorize my knitting according to light and deadline. I've been home sick for days with the dreadful, drowning cough. So sick. I can't say I don't like to complain. Yes, that's black fun fur. It's a special project I would never have undertaken if it weren't for our very special Carlton. He bought this hat and scarf at our church bazaar that, unfortunately, all the ladies wanted. I thought we were over fun fur! He wanted matching mittens. Of course I must. He is on a trip to Haiti right now, building a school and is in great danger. Eventhough these take most of the midday light, I knit them while praying for his safety. And his wife is awesome. I chose boucle for the hands. That's grumpy knitting, too.
Fingerless mitts for the piano teacher. I've loaned her mine for years and now they're missing, she needs her own. This is the wonderful Vancouver Fog of leftover Cascade 220. I would make them one more repeat long next time, but I'm on a Christmas deadline and these were only 67 grams of worsted!
Because I have no activity reserves, I sit and knit and read and watch Eureka! and Bones. Yes, I'm sick and I don't care about culture. I did watch a few Christmas kids videos with my daughter who was also home sick.
Which meant I couldn't work on these thrummed slippers. I don't think she's reading my blog. They will have bunny ears and faces when I'm done. And just before you start thinking they're so cute....

(pen for scale) they're a ladies 11. We have no Cinderella stories in this house.
I had hoped that yesterday would be my turn around day. Emily and I did the tree and brought out the decorations. But I'm not up for baking yet. How about if I feel better today and I can go to the dinner tonight? The Santa Breakfast tomorrow? and then an important funeral. If I bring enough hand sanitizer, I can still serve punch.
The light is already fading, but I'm looking forward to the bright Christmas lights in the streets. I'll try to take some more photos if I'm outside.


Angie said...

Oh my, I hope you are feeling better and get your energy back soon. I hate having the cough.

Thrummed slippers sound marvelous and the mitten is quite the classy hand covering!

Lesley said...

Oh you poor thing. Look, I hope you get better soon. There's nothing worse than trying to prepare for the fesitivities when all you want to do is curl up. God bless (and I'm very impressed that you can still turn out such lovely knitting while being ill). Prayers for Carlton and his wife. xx

J. Kwiatkowski said...

They are all such lovely projects! Take care and feel better soon.

Neuroknitter said...

I hope you're feeling better!! What beautiful and thoughtful projects! I'm sure they will all be cherished!!

I love Bones and Eureka! Sounds like the perfect combo to accompany your knitting and make you feel better! :)