Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kinda Sorta

Last night was the Chilliwack Common Threads Knitting Circle. The knitters are getting used to the space and helping themselves to tea. Great conversation, another new knitter and plans for Worldwide Knit in Public.
I finished something, kinda sorta: a sleeve on my nephew#7 sweater. The cables are going more smoothly, but they don't pop in the Berroco Vintage.
I'm on my last row of rectangles on Emily's grad blanket. Then one row of triangles and I will have a 4 by 6 foot Lady Eleanor entrelac blanket.
I have to shop for the smores brownies today. I'm cooking for 80 and starting to doubt my choices. I ordered hams from the local butcher and scalloped potatoes from our university cooking course. Salads and buns are brought by the other board members. I call today to find out if the young cooks can help me. Hope I can count on them to help me set up the buffet and plate the dessert.
I squoze in a pedicure because D and I are going to Palm Desert for our anniversary.
I will bring the Daybreak shawl and the laceweight Simplicity cardigan. It sounds so easy. But I'm not ready. Not even kinda sorta. Better get the self tanner out.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Cooking for 80!!! EEK! Sounds wonderful (ham/potatoes). Have fun on your anniversary with your pretty toes.

Linda said...

Reading back through your blog from the start! Chilliwack! I know Chilliwack! My Dad's brother and his family emigrated to Canada in the 60s, and lived first in Harrison Hot Springs and then settled in Chilliwack. I visited them twice there. They were out on RR1, and had a biggish bit of land where they kept a couple of cows and grew lots of veg. I remember watching those endless Canadian trains passing by on the railway beyond their garden.
My uncle taught French in the high school. They've both passed away now, and their children live in Vancouver and Vernon.