Sunday, May 22, 2011

There Was Knitting

 I worked on the Daybreak stripes on the way home from Palomar Observatory. Even though it was a windy road, I got a good start and more when we watched Six Feet Under in the evenings. I have had the blue handpainted Cascade Heritage sock yarn for quite a while. I was worried that the charcoal would be too cliche because I feel it's obvious, but I love it.
 At home I cast on and started the Wendy's Summer Mystery Shawl of some periwinkle I bought in Palm Desert. I'm almost done the first clue. It feels a bit scratchy, but I love the colour progressions. It has the stupid name of 'Charming' and has the stupid label of 100% wool, made in China. But it's periwinkle blue and I wanted a souvenir for this shawl. The store is full of 'novelty' yarn and the owner said, "I don't do subtle". Too true. I did score some awesome lace weight black silk and alpaca because I need a black shawl, not because I want to knit one.
This grey Suri Blue alpaca from Fleece Artist was bought in the sale bin from Twist of Fate at the Fibres West show. Jean and I were going to do a knit along for a 'whisper cardigan' but neither of us chose that pattern and I think she's already done. I have done a champion job of ignoring it in its lovely piddalee bag.
What really got play on the plane and even back at home is this orchid Diamond cotton. Such a luscious colour. I bought and iphone cover to match and had my pedicure done this colour as well.
I'm almost done the centre of the Swallowtail shawl and will begin the lily of the valley edging. I'll use a crochet hook to do the nupps.
But I will join Carin from Round the Twist in the 'evil plan' of not finishing it until the Stash Dash 5k begins. Imagine finishing the Lady Emily entrelac blanket in time for grad and counting 2500 meters? Wow.
It feels good to be home, but I'm so tired from flying. It's like doing a 12 hour shift. I think the dog is happy to have me home and walking her and giving her treats, even though I ran the washing machine all day.
Scott worked on my camp's website while I knit and Emily is at camp for the weekend, an annual youth retreat. Nothing to stop me from more  knitting.

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