Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New View

 The grey gull baby blanket is finished way before the baby is done gestating. I think they look forward to their third baby in the middle of June. They don't want to say they want a girl, but they have 2 boys. This blanket is meant to not be too... too. You could mix it with hot pink or just blue. Butterfly Cotton is hardwearing and their kids love the other blankets I made.
 This was knitting for me, though the cowl is not for me. I love the Malibrigo worsted. It's not quite so retina searing in real life. Now I get to buy buttons and put it in the gift drawer. Doing pretty good with the gift drawer.
I already cast on a Daybreak Shawl by Steven West in Cascade Heritage Handpaints and solid. I stole some quiet time for beginning the set up. After our 2 concerts this weekend, I need a break and I just sort of slid off my to do list. Caught up today, though and I went to the gym again and had fun and I'm not to sore to go again tomorrow.
 The forsythia at the front door was ready to be planted. Scott took out a big magnolia that wasn't getting enough light for its whole life. This will be our spring bed. I can see it from my computer desk. D spent some time retrieving my old files that never got out of storage in the last round of "fix Angie's computer" Then Scott spent most of Saturday transferring them to my new MacPro Book. Yay. I'm into the 21st Century. But I'm not blogging on her yet. Give me time.
 The Mothers' Day Magnolia is glorious again.
And when you come for tea, these purple plants will greet you. The azalea will be out soon. As soon as it warms up?


Dorothy said...

I love the grey gull baby blanket. I've not thought about making baby blankets out of cotton, but it does seem to make sense. No babies in our future, but lots of young friends, so you never know!

Lifesastitch said...

I have a pattern for a black baby sweater with a border of primary colours. I like the non traditional baby look.