Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had a grand Easter. I worked Good Friday, days. On Saturday, I drove over to Victoria to collect Scott after finals and bring him home. We packed up his kitchen, went out for lunch, bought some wool,  and had a glorious ferry ride. I made him drive home so I could knit.
Easter Sunday morning, it's our tradition to have a "sunrise service". We are blessed that the mountains keep the direct sun from shining till about 7 am. This year 40 friends joined us in our country cemetary for guitar and singing. My dear friend led the worship and I picked the music. We had three guitars this year and that made it go much more smoothly. The fingerless mitts I knit our music director helped, too.
At church there was a gorgeous anthem, I did story time with my big ostrich egg and D and Emily played some bebop on trumpets for the offeratory. We ended with the Hallelujah Chorus. Remember how I spent all fall learning that? What a pay off!
We had burgers for supper. I was out of steam, and that's what they wanted. It's nice to have BBQ man back. Then we watched the King's Speech which the kids hadn't seen, weren't interested in, and ended up loving.
On Monday I was to work nights (maximizing holiday pay) so I put a roast in the oven and the kids sat down to teach me Settlers of Catan. It is just as awesome as everyone says. We will play more of that.
I loved Miss Kalendar's episode of Brass Needles Podcast that spoke of Community. I really believe in this. I like to sing in a choir, volunteer in the Sunday School and work with a great team. I am trying to nurture a knitting circle for our own to share ideas and mistakes and quirks. It's starting to pick up steam. I am so thankful for the on-line knitting community. You made such a difference in the way I enjoy my craft and I look forward to reading your blogs, stalking you on Ravelry and listening to your podcasts. Where do I find the time? I steal it for knitting.
I hope to cast on the Daybreak shawl soon, to knit along with several podcasts. If you listen, you may get a code for $2 off. One of the fun things about this Knit A Long (KAL) is that everyone is spreading out their sock yarn stash to see what two skeins look good together. None of mine did, so I bought some Misty Alpacas at Beehive with that in mind, but it's too fuzzy to knit right now. So at my LYS, I found some Heritage in a plain colour (charcoal) to go with my variegated lake blue skein. Yay.
First I must finish this big cotton baby blanket in gull lace and grey cotton. Plus I have a nephew sweater on the needles, but it's brown. (My family is a big part of my community) I started the Meliabella's Pedestrian Cowl in gorgeous red Malibrigo to cut the dullness. It's a KAL from months ago, but Fibrenymph won't mind. I already had the pattern in my favourites. It will go in the gift drawer for Christmas when it's done.
Next week I am helping my sister, the forester, cast on a chunky sweater. She taught me how to knit, but hasn't done it in years, and suffered some set backs. No problem returning the favour.
Also my LYS asked it I could teach crochet. I offered to help in the shop or teach. Crochet is what they need. So I'll make a proposal for a beginning class for Monday afternoons and go way too deep into research and sourcing. They have just started promoting the knitting of "Boomer caps". This is a local effort that I will jump into. I actually spent a few days at the Comox base learning about search and rescue when I was in the Reserve Medical Corps.
We may use these caps as a KAL for the World Wide Knit In Public event Saturday June 11. We will be at Decades Coffee House, a locally owned cafe that gives back to the community. Maybe see you there.

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