Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Neighbours?

 Yesterday was a big project day. We have had trouble with this neighbour for about 4 years. Biting dogs, raging daughter, late parties, and dead cars. But the worst was their closing off our shared driveway because we are bad neighbours.
Our last neighbour rented the basement to drug dealers and thieves, but we had less trouble with them.
So I talked to my friend and realtor (years ago) and she said it would be OK to make a barricade to hide their barricade of broken items and garbage cans.
I fretted. I struggled with my anger.
Finally, I went to the gravel pit.
 The guy who works there, and loads my Dad's gravel truck was in my home room. He sat right between me and this same neighbour! He let me take a few cans worth for a pittance if I shovelled it myself. the pile was huge!
 I filled the planters and went in search of cedars. Brian Minter said that only cedar hedging would survive the winter in containers. I had hopes of wild roses or bamboo. But I settled on these. There is a new Home Depot in town and the workers are extraordinarily nice. So 15 trees later, and some pretty sore muscles:
 I needed narrow containers to not take too much of our driveway. I'm really happy with the little soldiers. They'll need a lot of watering to begin with. They sprouted before the neighbours could say anything so I don't have to talk to them . The last time she asked me to pay for half the fence to keep her dogs in her own yard, I said, "I have nothing to say to that."
I didn't meam to channel Joe Versus the Volcano, but it was so ludicrous and I wanted to spew bile.
When Jesus said, "Love your neighbour." he included the person next door. It's hard. But my solution gives me something I am happy about instead of an ugly chain link fence that would make me angry every time I saw it. The cedars are also impermanent because it is a legal easement and I follow rules. Let it be.
In knitting I am chugging along on the blue ripples blanket and even updated my Ravelry page. I was just reminded at the MIL dinner on Monday that another cousin is expecting a baby in June. I had just given away my back up blanket. So as a reward for the hard work, I bought some butterfly cotton in grey and am making a third blanket for this family. Their kids love my blankets and the parents are certain to let me know. Flattery will get you everywhere. If only I had a few good words for my neighbour.


Dorothy said...

So sorry about the neighbors! But it does sound as if you're handling it in the most diplomatic way possible. We live on a small street of 3 houses and are so fortunate to have had the same wonderful neighbors for almost 30 years. But they are both elderly and one has his house up for sale. We also have a shared driveway so we are praying for kind people to move in.

17th stitch said...

Yikes! That's a great solution to a really lousy situation. I hope this helps make the situation a bit better...

Lesley said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbours. I think you're being very tolerant and, as Dorothy said, handling it in a very diplomatic way. Who on earth said that being a Christian was easy! lol!
Chin up - you're doing brilliantly. Far better than I would. ;-)

Life's a Stitch said...

Our neighbour's retaining "wall" is falling into our yard. They don't seem to mind. It's that 100 ft tree at the top of the wall that worries me...