Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Looking Up

 The forsythia is brave enough to come out, eventhough it is still cold and rainy parts of the day.
 The pink baby blanket is coming along. Its simple enough to knit through a fever and unpleasantness. I'm feeling better, too. Well enough to attempt a crochet cast off from It's pretty neat, but a long way around. The wool was already knit and frogged before it was donated to my charity stash, but I have faith that blocking will asuage the gauge.
The cotton baby blanket benefitted from blocking (and thwacking). I have already cast on a blue ripple blanket to round out my Lenten knitting. These are destined for an HIV hospital in South Africa. I was invited through a charity knitting group on Ravelry, but I still felt special as it was a good fit for me.
Tomorrow I take Emily to UVic for her audition to music school. We're staying on campus so we can bug Scotty and later having tea with some of the best people on the planet. Look forward to typical ferry crossing shots. I'm going to take my good camera because I really miss it. Maybe the sun will peak out. Here's hoping.


electrictree said...

Great work reusing yarn! If you find yarn is really crinkly from being frogged you can block it-put it in a skein, soak it in water for a couple minutes, wring the water out and hang to dry. That saves you any nasty surprises when you block a finished piece. It also works great for yarn that has been wound into a ball for a long period of time, since these can easily shrink.

Linda said...

Interested to read about your music audition experiences. My children both play instruments. Engineering student son plays the viola (tho not so much this year since he's been concentrating on his studies). Daughter will be in her last year of secondary school next year and is looking at university choices with an eye to where will be best to continue with violin, singing and celtic harp, but not as a music major.
Good luck in your search!