Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's Next?

Is it because it's spring, or because it's still snowing that I feel the need to start new things? I walked the dog up the hill on Saturday and took this photo toward the valley. Today I sign up at a new ladie's gym, a special offer for hospital employees.
I am giving up my computer again for the rest of its fix up. I look forward to ordering my mac book soon.
The blue blanket is finished, I need to steam block the curling edge, but carefully because it's acrylic.
I started a new blanket for another cousin. It's grey and so is the swap square I'm knitting. If I add the lace weight cardigan, I have no colour at all. I want to start a pi shawl in black, but I need to get some colour in my knitting first.
Listening to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere on my iphone is delightful. Reading Laurie King's Language of Bees on my ipad is going well. Now I add learning Spanish in case I can go on mission to Mexico next year like my husband did last month with Project Help Mexico.
My delightful 12 string guitar has been neglected. I really haven't connected with it. I always choose my 6 string. But the music store said it was no problem to return it and exchange it for a bass guitar! I first wanted to play bass in 2001!
This is a week of to do lists for choir, fundraising dinner and Easter. Whew! I think being at work on Friday will be a nice distraction.

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