Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Have I Missed?

 Did I tell you I scored some Wollmeise from a destash? Leslie and Lala were giving complicated instructions on how to obtain this holy grail of yarns. I chose the simplest route of finding someone who wanted to sell theirs, and I made a new friend in the mix.
Can't say enough about Fibernymph's yarn. Bright and cheerful colours like the podcaster. This is destined to be my next favourite shawl.
 My least favourite is this alpaca lace. I tried to knit the Diamond Fantasy Shawl last summer, but couldn't keep my brain on it. I don't remember taking scissors to it, but that was the impression when I was frogging it (into sad little bits). I saved the beads. Perhaps I'll make the Percy shawl? I need a black shawl to go with my musician black clothes.
This is the beginning of a Butterfly Cotton baby blanket for another cousin. I chose grey because they don't know yet if it's a third boy. The lace pattern is gull stitch from EZ.
 Blue Ripples is done. It blocked funny: longer on the edges. But that doesn't matter.
It goes with the others to Ladysmith, South Africa to a hospital via the Ruth Mailbag Group. I guess Joy found me on the Ravelry knitting for charity group and invited me to a Lenten knit challenge. Tomorrow is Good Friday and I knit every day on these three blankets. The cotton log cabin is donated on behalf of Jess and Casey's new baby. Rather than drown the sweet thing in knitted items, some of us are paying the blessings forward.
I'm back on the Able Cable sweater for nephew #7. I like the cable pattern on the sleeve, but it's a 51 inch chest and will take a while. My other long term project is the Lady Eleanor blanket for Emily's grad. I really have until September, if she moves out to a university, but I'm on track.
Sock? I can't even hear it calling.
I'll take the grey gull blanket to work tomorrow for my breaks. There aren't many nurses on that floor and I usually get my break alone. I'll listen to podcasts and knit.
Then Saturday is collecting the boy from his second year at UVic. Sunday is playing guitar at the sunrise service and maybe ukelele at the regular service. How can I wangle a nice meal without cooking too much? Maybe the family will help.
Best wishes for a blessed Easter.

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