Monday, April 11, 2011

Brighten Up

 I love white flowers. I wouldn't want all flowers to be white, because then my favourites wouldn't stand out. But I love to have white flowers around.
Our trip to Victoria was surrounded by sunshine and blossoms. The day before, at home, it hailed. And the day we got home was gloomy, cold and rainy. The sky was veiled in stagnant grey like a death veil.
We had a great visit with some of our favourite people who served us smoky Rooibus tea and marmalade pound cake.
The marvelous euphonium player came to the campus to give Emily a tour of the music building, introduce her around and set her up in a practice room. Can't thank him enough. Em gave him the Mr. Rogers sweater she knit and decorated with a bass clef.
Our rooms on campus were way too comfortable. I don't think they should encourage parents to loiter.
Here's hoping her audition and interview are enough to join the good people there.
 This is one of my favourite trees. It lost its little house a few years ago and can look quite spooky in the fall. But today it is celebrating with bouquets.

My CPR class was cancelled, so I walked the dog before the rain came back. The long walk. The one that I couldn't manage for several years. I am tired, but thankful that I can get out and move around.
The pink baby blanket, she be done. The blue ripple baby blanket is well on its way. I will certainly make this one again, maybe with my sock leftovers. It's the one that so many Grandmas knit in the 70's. I'm learning that just because a lot of people like something, that doesn't mean it's crap. It proved the perfect knitting for the ferry ride. Plus I had Em drive the way home. Benefits of parenting teens.
I cast on the JapaneseGarden shawl in my clearance find of Diamond Luxury Collection superfine Egyptian Cotton in orchid purple. Yum. Can't get serious with it until I finish the baby blankets.

Plus we visited Boutique de Laine which is close to the campus in Cadboro Bay. What a great shop to buy bags of yarn. I have had trouble in my travels finding a sweater's worth of yarn. But there Em got enough Comfort DK for another boy's cardigan and I got a bag of Noro Kuryon 211 to use as the neutral in my Mitred Cross blanket. This I can't cast on until the grad entrelac blanket is done. But I got my stash on. Planning for the next big project can help get you through this one.

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