Friday, April 01, 2011

Under the Weather?

How could I possibly feel worse than freezing rain and highwinds? The front spruce trees have added throwing cones to the dropping of needles. And I didn't sleep much last night. Not because I was at work and had planned to stay up, but because my whole body rebelled against my take-out dinner. It should have been a treat, but they have a new cook and I think he is fast and loose with cumin. I cannot manage that spice and have to cut out most Indian and Mexican cuisine.
I'm lucky to have an autopilot knit in the Pinwheel baby blanket. The colour, as Missouri Star mentioned, is Pepto Bismal, so that my go toward healing. I missed my knit and movie afternoon and pulled the plug on tomorrow's yarn crawl.
I am well enough to go through some blogs and podcasts. Looking forward to some rest and reading.


Dorothy said...

So sorry you're having tummy troubles. Here's hoping the pink yarn puts you right.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are not feeling real well: them spices, they are the boss of you! I had the rice once at the now defunct mexican restaurant over the video store...I know!

Yarn club coming soon, eh?I have actually done some charity crochet, not knitting....8 dishcloths, slated for the Hospice House thrift store.

C U soon,
Wed for knit club.


17th stitch said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Charles said...

I can so relate to stomach problems. I'm still getting back to normal.

My Zauberball is cheering me up. I can't believe how many days of grey rain we've had. Calgon, take me away. Next time I hear Ms. La Nina is coming I'm running the other way.