Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cutting Through the Grey

 There are some cheerful sights and some sightings of sunshine in this mostly dreary spring. Walking the dog is a tonic to get me out of the house. It seems my greater allergens are behind me.
 Be careful what you ask for. Actually, I don't remember asking for yarn for the Common Threads Knitting Circle, but it's arriving. I have a couple of bins of "thrifty acrylic", suitable for charity knitting. I hope to get it divvied up among the other knitters. I'm still trying to get rid of my long-pining acrylics.
I chose to keep the watermelon coloured Lanett superwash from my former drum instructor and current co-worker. I've knit very successful baby blankets in this and look forward to a dash of brightness when I'm (still) knitting the grey-blue log cabin baby blanket and am swatching (unsuccessfully) for the Simplicity cardigan which will be miles and miles of laceweight grey.
If you look up at the clouds, you may find some beauty and inspiration. I read an article in the New York Times this morning about the Cloud Appreciation Society. Gavin Preto-Pinney was quoted, "Happiness does not come from wanting to be somewhere else. Happiness comes from finding beauty and a stimulation or interest in the everyday surroundings in which you find yourself."
I'm all about that.

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Dorothy said...

That's a great quote for these grey days when spring seems so elusive! And all that pink Pepto Bismol yarn is a great antidote for the blahs!