Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Wonder

Just two weeks ago I was at UBC enjoying my favourite gardents.
Today is warm and sunny and I'm running from church to a baptism to a youth group event. Whew!
Last night was the 40th birthday of our "old" pipe major.
This week as I was going from work to choir to knitting circle, I tried to bring to the surface that I am not missing out on events, but enjoying the choices I have made.
For over a decade we went to pipe band practice every Wednesday night. We had a super babysitter who now wants our daughter to babysit for her. This is living deeply.
At work I am priveleged to meet intelligent and fun nurses, those I would never have met otherwise. But if I worked full time and shifts, I would have no other life.
The church, the camp the Music Academy keep me hopping, but I am engaged in my community which is my biggest goal.
And sometimes that means the knitting goes slowly.

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