Monday, March 07, 2011


I am longing to have my computer back so I can share with you my knitting, the Music Festival and the nicer weather for camp clean up. This weekend was double booked all around. My sweater parts are blocked an I have begun the long practice of seaming Cassisy.
I started a new sock ( a few times) and chose Conwyn from Nancy Bush's Knitting On the Road because it has nice leg shaping and not too many foot stitches. The Socks That Rock in Stonewash are (again) surprisingly soft.
My leftover STR from the sock club last year is becoming a Travelling Woman in the colourway When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (see, you need pics).
I will probably take the sock to the music festival. Emily is playing trumpet and singing all week. No piano this year. I sing on Thursday, but our recital went quite well yesterday, so I just have normal trepidation. I get to wear a cat mask which will help me focus.
The sun is out, but this will be our week allowance, so I'd better walk the big black thing and do my Monday housework.
D is off to Red Deer for a few days so Em and I can cheat on dinners and go for salads. Cooking supper begins at 3:30 here, so I should gain quite a bit of time and lose some calories.
With a bit of a break, I am longing to knit.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the dreaded computer is out of action.

Good luck with the recital. Isn't funny how when there are no men around, women seem to naturally eat lighter and do less cooking? There's a moral in there somewhere, I'm sure. ;-) Have a great week.