Friday, March 25, 2011

Waking Up

 We had the most beautiful spring day on Wednesday, but I slept through it. After the New Year Celebration with Baha'i friends on Sunday, I was looking forward to the green. But I missed the best day this week.
 The crocuses and violets are showing up all over the lawn where the ducks have eaten away the grass and the walnut tree has dropped branches. But not in the garden bed. Let it be.
 Everything is starting to green up and the ducks are dancing and bobbing in pairs. Today I walked the dog in a frigid rain, but when I came out of donating blood, it was too warm for my new Cassidy sweater.
 One of my Lenten challenges is working on donation blankets each day. When I took this picture, I realized it was a bit wonky. Though there are no hard and fast rules to log cabin knitting, there are reasonable guidelines. I'm working harder to marry the different stash cotton yarns. I already cast on another blanket to knit on my break at work, but there was no knitting because I was on the cardiac telemetry team. No one else seemed alarmed by this. I used to be hot damn at reading strips but I haven't ever lead a code. Don't tell the other tele nurses, they may laugh at me. It was, as usual, a great team and I thank my partner for taking my eager flakiness in stride.
 Where do I store my blankie you ask? In my new Piddlee bag. Woohoo. I love the careful finishing.
 And I love Mr. Sheep. Look, he loves me too.
I'm back in the swing and catching up on innumerable duties. The first order this week is to get other volunteers to share the load. It may be work up front, but I volunteer to be in community and get all cranky nursey (especially on a clock turn around day) when all the emails say they would love to help me with my thing. Hey, it's our thing. Don't expect me to lead everything. Who would knit?
Travelling Woman Shawl enjoying the sun in the living room.


Angie said...

Lovely photographs of spring and your knitting. I'm so very ready for Spring, but I'm afraid I'll work through it. :D We shall see.

17th stitch said...

That knitted sculptural thing in the last picture is GORGEOUS!