Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recap and March Cap

 I had to really make an effort to drop the other knitting to work on the March Help Mexico hat in the yellow. One hat a month in a progression of rainbow colours. We had a party last night for St.Patrick's and this is my day after. One knitting friend stayed over and we went through my knitting books over coffee while I started this. It's Em's stash, but the only yellow I could work with. Again the Lifestyle top down hat. The other knitting is a log cabin for a hospital in South Africa and the last repeat of the Travelling Woman Shawl. Then on to swatching for ..... hmmm.

And I showed her the stash I got at the Fibres West in Abbotsford on Friday. The top is Fleece Artist Suri Blue then the multicoloured entwined by electrictree (my wonderful and talented niece) and the raspberry silk cloud by shibui from Valley Yarn. Julie remembered me, so sweet. They say you buy yarn that matches what you're wearing. I didn't take any photos (duh) but my finished and fitting Cassidy goes well with these.
This is a pretty small event by some standards, but it is packed with friendly vendors who bring in delights rarely seen in my neck of the woods. Electrictree yarns are all hand dyed. There was spinning stuff, too. It was enough to overwhelm me and make a serious dent in my BFF's wallet despite the SABLE talk of the day before (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy).
We also stalked Felicia at Sweet Georgia.I bought some sock yarn in the beautiful Stillwater colourway and some grey for Emily. I felt a bit stash-bloated because we went to Urban Yarns on Sunday after Emily's UBC audition and picked up some Casbah for me and some Sweet Georgia merino silk lace for Em. I just couldn't decide, so Emily did for me. And a good choice.
Spring Break continued with local Shakespeare (the Tempest in steampunk!), Red Riding Hood at the new big theatre and the party. I even worked one day.
Last night we had old friends from the now defunct pipe band and it was warm and friendly. A huge stew, biscuits and soda bread, finished with pecan pie, a bought little cheesecake and Linda's peach cobbler. Yum. Today I am slow and tired. I walked the dog on this official first day of spring.
And I'm scattered as I update this post with captured ideas. I love the new squares from Mason Dixon and got caught in a vortex of old January One posts. Wow. I can hardly remember when I started reading her blog and being led by her colourful wonderfulness. I love the writing and how engaging it is. I'm so full of ideas and opinions, but tend not to get too deep on this blog. Maybe I should try to reveal myself a bit more. I'm in a thoughtful mood. I'm not being very productive. But I knit the hat.

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Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to "see" more of you - says the woman who hasn't updated her blog in an age!!
Take care x