Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back On Line

After two weeks of barely reading knitting blogs or keeping up on Ravelry, I am relieved to have my PC back. I'm still planning on buying a Macbook soon, but I have all my data in this box.
There was some real knitting visiting to counteract the lack of virtual.
There was a trip to Bellingham to visit my dear friend and pick up some books I had ordered. This is the new anniversary edition of the Knitter's Almanac next to my well-worn copy. If it weren't for this book and Knitting Without Tears, I would have given up knitting. Despite the army of sisters and grandmothers who encouraged me, cast on my stitches and fixed my errors, I was on the road to knitting ugly, poorly fitting garments. Thank you Elizabeth Zimmerman. You also saved my sanity while I was home with two kids.
We drove to Mount Vernon where we picked up some sale Zauberball at Hellen's Needlework.
And some Shibui at Wild Fibers. I was looking for Malabrigo, but you won't feel bad for me and my runner up choice.
I am knitting on the Travelling Woman Shawl in the When Irish Eyes are smiling, but it is being neglected for some project knitting: blankets for a hospital in South Africa. I was invited to join through the charity knitting thread on Ravelry and really took to the idea. This is Lent in our Christian Calendar and it is good to do some intentional helping. Lots of people take something bad away for Lent, but I always try to add something good.
I am doing my best to channel spring. There was snow on the ground when my last photo post was so rudely interrupted by an unscheduled shut down.
So here is my welcome to spring. If the forsythia blooms it will complement the impatiens. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I wish you blessings beyond the luck of the Irish. I grew up with Irish myths and legends (some of them about my family) and I still count myself among the diaspora.
I am celebrating by hosting book club and then a party with our old friends from the Pipe Band. There will be music and libations. I wish the same to you.


Anonymous said...

Happy St.Patrick's to you too!

Nice to see you back.

Dorothy said...

If not for "Knitting Without Tears", I doubt I would be a knitter at all. I have a dog-eared first edition that was my inspiration before I even knew anyone else who knitted. Hellen's and Wildfibers are two of my favorite shops. I'll be taking Cookie A.'s workshop at Wildfibers in a couple fo weeks.

17th stitch said...

Welcome back to the world of computers! I've missed your photos!